Mohammad Suhail, Partner

Gram Tora, Fatehabad Road, Agra 282006
+91 562 2232362 , +91 562 2331440, Fax: +91 562 2332665
Exportländer: Australia, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, UK

New Decent Footwear Industries is to serve our customer better quality products and introduce latest designs in every products. Especially Goodyear Welted with customer’s expectations in terms of cost and quality. Two decades of our hand work and enormous walk in footwear trade has set up our hard work and enormous walk in footwear trade has set up our manufacturing unit turned to fully mechanize with all imported machines but we still have a long way to go. Our manufacturing processes are backed by our “WOW” factor quality without any marketing support and sourcing. We are further planning to establish sales outlets in Agra Delhi & Noida. We are committed to supply the best quality products conforming to International Standards and result is that our unit is now turned with International Quality Certifications. Our skilled work team fulfils a ‘Commitment to excellence’.

This steady growth is due to customers support over the years and we proud that we are serving the Footwear Trade.