Mr. Lalit Kumar Sharma, Head – Leather Goods

44, Matheswartala Road, Tangra, Kolkata, Westbengalen 700046, Indien
+91 33 40170000 / 0011, +91 9830021317
Exportländer: Australia, France, Germany, UK, USA

The J.C. Group of Companies started in 1960 and since its inception it has been recognized in
the industrial and manufacturing sector of Kolkata. Today, the group has five thriving
businesses under its banner.
J.C. International Ltd. (JCIL) began operations in the year 1990 and is production leather
handbags, wallets and accessories for the biggest fashion brands in the world in 2010. It started
producing safety footwear with an output of 60,000 pairs per month
The biggest advantage of JCIL is its own leather tannery. Indian Tanning Industries P Ltd
(ITIPL) which was established in 1980 it was awarded Silver Rating by Leather Working Group
in 2017. It is the targest tannery in the eastern region producing 1.5 million sqft per month. The
well-equipped modern tannery enabies JCIL to supply to its leather handbags. Wallets and
accessories at a low cost. The tannery offers both Indian as well as Imported Origins of Cow,
Buffalo, Sheep and Goat Finished Leather for upholstery. Shoes, Garments, Goods, Belts and

other kinds of accessories. The Leather Tannery is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art
machinery and quality check is maintained at every stage of production from Raw to Finish.